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I believe each one of us has a unique and beautiful story. Each person's story has times of struggle, hardship, or pain. Yet every story also has moments of strength, triumph,  joy, and beauty.  It's so important to take the time to celebrate these precious moments, and those we share them with.

For me, photography is the perfect medium to capture and celebrate each life story, with lasting images, so they can be treasured every day. It makes me so happy to use my talent, this gift I've been given, to help others see their beauty, tell their story, and celebrate their loved ones, with artful photography.

I grew up in a small town called High Prairie, in Northern Alberta, in a family of five. As a child I loved to go for long walks, and spend my time reading, drawing, painting, or making crafts. I love all of these things, even today.

I lost my mom when I was seven years old, which had a profound impact on the person I've become today. I believe it has made me more empathetic, sensitive, and kind, and is a constant reminder of how precious life is, and the struggles each of us face.

My heart is full of gratitude, as I am blessed today with a beautiful life. I'm married to my soul-mate, and he and I have two wonderful boys. My family is my life, my heart and soul. We lived the past several years near Millarville, Alberta, and we recently moved to Hinton, Alberta. We're looking forward to being a part of our new community.

It gives me great joy to do what I love, and share that with others.

I would be honoured to become your Photographer. Allow me to use my talent, sensitivity, and vision to celebrate your unique story, and those important people you share your journey with.

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Rachel Imrie

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